Tuesday, March 19, 2013

6 Teams, 6 Weeks, over 4880 Volunteer Hours ...

This Summer Front Step will be hosting 6 teams from all over the United States who will be involved in various projects throughout Philadelphia. Projects include construction work at our Courtland Community Center, Park cleanup, a basketball and summer camp, cleaning vacant lots, preparing meals for the homeless, building community gardens and working hand in hand with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation. These teams will volunteer a total of more than 4880 hours to The City of Philadelphia.
One of our new offerings for the summer is our newly formed partnership with Parks and Recreation. Teams and other volunteers will have the opportunity to experience working at various locations in Philadelphia's beautiful Wissahickon Valley. This will surely be a learning experience for all.  
In this picture, City of Philadelphia's Volunteer Coordinator, David Bower and Wil Snell, Front Step's Executive Director met today to discuss the projects for this Summer.

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